Otoplasty Bismarck


Otoplasty (ear pinning) is a procedure to flatten ears that protrude too far from the head.


Incisions are placed behind the ears, within the crease of your ears and scalp. Permanent sutures are placed under the skin to hold tissue in place. A headband is worn over the ears for 2 weeks.


Improvement of protruding ears.

Patient Case #4291

This 40 year old women had prominent ears all her life. The right side was worse than the left. She underwent correction with a scar behind each ear crease. Her results are shown 2 years later. She is happy.

Patient Case #4290

This 59 year old women had the first stage of an otoplasty as a little girl, but is was never completed. She finally got the courage to complete the operation to flatten her very prominent ears. She is shown before and after 5 months postop.

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