Breast Reconstruction Bismarck


Women with congenital deformities such as hypoplasia, constricted breasts or tuberous breasts may elect to have reconstruction.


Insurance companies may or may not pay for the procedure. Occasionally the reconstruction may involve several steps with a tissue expander followed by a permanent implant.


Exact symmetry is rarely achieved but appearance is greatly improved. As with all implants maintenance may be required over the years.


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Breast Reconstruction (Non-Cancer) Photos

Patient Case #2643

This woman in her early 60’s is 5’6 and 125 lbs. She had a double mastectomy prior to her reconstruction surgeries, over a 2 year period. First, she had tissue expanders placed and fat transferred to her breasts. Then, she had the expanders removed and had implants placed. She is shown 6 months after her last surgery.

Patient Case #2641

This woman in her early 60’s is 5’5 and 168 lbs. She had a double mastectomy prior to her 2 reconstruction surgeries. During the 1st, she had tissue expanders placed. Then at the 2nd, she had the expanders removed and had implants (495 to the left and right) placed. She is shown 5 months after her implants were placed.

Patient Case #2327

 This 50 year old woman was born with a constricted, hypoplastic left breast. She under went bilateral breast augmentation with right mastopexy. A 540 cc saline implant was placed on the left and 450 cc on the right. She is 5’6 and over 200 lbs. She wore a 40A on the left and a 40B on the right. Post op pictures are shown at one year. She is now a D cup.

Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy Photos

Patient Case #5135

This 36 year old women, who is 5’4’’ and 120lbs  developed stage one cancer in the right breast. She underwent bilateral total mastectomy. She had chemo therapy and her chemo port can be seen. She had reconstruction with tissue expanders and fat transfer to chest. She had a 2ndsurgery to place silicone shaped textured 350cc implants on each side.

Patient Case #5134

This 45 year old women is 5’7’’ and 140lbs. She was diagnosed with left breast cancer 10 years ago. She had a left mastectomy and had reconstruction with a tissue expander and then a saline implant. Her right breast had a small implant placed with a mastopexy. She did well for years but slowly gained weight and her natural breast didn’t match her left side any more.

Her recent photos show her after a revision of her reconstruction with a larger anatomic shaped 555cc implant on the left with 200 cc of her body fat placed in the breast as well. Her right breast implant was changed to anatomic silicone 350cc.

Patient Case #4509

This 33 year old women had 2 children. She is 5’2’’ and 140lbs. She found out she had the BRCA 2 mutation after her mother died with breast cancer. She had prophylactic bilateral mastectomy and immediate reconstruction with tissue expanders and then silicone textured shaped implants. She had mentor, moderate plus profile implants, 445cc on each side. She also had 100cc fat transplanted to each breast. Her heart shaped, 3D nipple and areola tattoos were just completed. She is very pleased. It took 5 months from her first surgery to the last surgery.

Patient Case #2731

 This woman in her 40’s had life-long inverted nipples- even while pregnant. She is shown 3 months after correction. Scars are not visible and fortunately, she did not lose sensation.

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