Revisional Breast Implants Bismarck


A breast implant patient may elect to replace her implants and do a breast lift if she is having excessive hardness, drooping, wrinkling or rippling, wishes a change in implant size, or chooses to replace sub-glandular implants with a sub-pectorally placed implant.


The procedure is performed by removing the old implant(s) and replacing them with a new implant. After the new implant is in place the nipple and areola may or may not need to be repositioned. Sometimes excess skin is removed if a lift is performed. A breast lift (mastopexy) does leave noticeable, permanent scars. In most cases, breast and nipple sensation can be maintained.


The results are softer, less rippled and more up-lifted breasts.

Patient Case #5234

Explant: This 50 year old women is 5’7’’ and 170lbs. She had breast implants for 17 years. She was ready to remove them. She is shown 3 months post breast implant removal with a mastopexy.

Patient Case #5227

This woman in her late 50’s is 5’5 and 133 lbs. She wore a 34 B/C prior to surgery. She had her implants removed to make exercise more tolerable. She is shown over 14 months after.

Patient Case #5225

This 63 year old women had breast implants and a skin lift performed twice. Her current breasts implants are too hard, high and large. She is 5’4’’ and 162lbs.She wears a 36DD bra. The silicone implants-550cc were removed. A small breast reduction was also done along with a mastopexy. Her results are shown at one year. She is wearing a C cup.

Patient Case #5123

Augmentation Explantation: This 49 year old women is 5’5’’ and 125lbs, she had 315cc saline implants placed under the muscle seven years ago. She felt her D cup breasts were too heavy. The implants were removed and 168cc of her own fat was added to the top part of the breasts to avoid a deflated appearance. She is shown 3 months post op. 

Patient Case #3885

This 40 year old women is 5’2’’ and 105 lbs. She had saline implants placed on top of the muscle 20 years ago. Her right implant had dropped and the left got firm. She had a revision of the augmentation with removal of the saline implants and placement of textured silicone implants under the pectoralis major muscle, 350 cc high profile on each side. She is shown three months post op.

Patient Case #2734

 This 50 year old woman had a breast reduction many years earlier. Her breasts shrank over the years and another surgeon placed breast implants. She had three surgeries over the years. She then felt that her breasts were too large and too low as she was 5’6 and only 128 lbs. At surgery, 390cc gel implants were removed and 275cc gel implants were replaced after elevating the pockets. She now has smaller, uplifted breasts. The after photos are shown 3 months post op.

Patient Case #2741

 This woman in her 40′s is tall, 5’10 and 150 lbs. She had breast augmentation over 10 years ago with textured saline implants placed on top of the muscles. Over the years she developed ripples and she felt her breasts were too big (DD) and too low. She had revisional breast surgery. The 550cc textured implants were reduced to 375cc, smooth, saline implants placed under the muscle. She also had a breast lift. The breasts are now higher, better shaped, and there are no visible ripples. She wears a D cup.

Patient Case #2748

 This woman is in her 20′s. She is 5’8 and 120 lbs. She had 505cc saline breast implants placed partly under the muscle. She did well and went from a 34A cup to a 34D. She then had a baby and breast fed. She developed hardness and distortion of the left implant 18 months later. The scar tissue was removed, and a new implant was placed in a second surgery. Her photos are shown 14 months after the 2nd surgery.

Patient Case #2760

 This 30 year old woman had 375cc saline breast implants placed partly under the muscle. She had nipple height discrepancy noted preop. Five months after surgery, her left breast implant dropped down too far, and the left nipple looked even higher. She had a capsulorrhaphy on the left breast, lifting up the implant. Her revision post op photos are shown at 3 months. Saline implants are more prone to malposition down and outward due to the “water hammer” effect.”

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