Augmentation with Mastopexy Bismarck


You may want a breast lift if your breasts are resting against your skin or if most of the nipple and areaola are below the breast crease. We often ask our patients if they can hold a pencil under their breasts. If so, you may need a lift.

Some surgeons try to avoid doing a lift by putting in large breast implants. This is a fix for some women, but in others it makes the breasts too large, heavy and low – all characterstics of the aging breast and may result in a “matronly” look.


The breast lift results in permanent scars around the arealoe, down the middle and sometimes underneath. Having a breast lift done at the same time as an augmentation is more technically challenging and can result in more complications than an implant alone. Some surgeons perform one at a time in a staged fashion.


Despite the extra scars, most women are pleased with the improved shape of the breasts.

Patient Case #4446

This woman in her middle 30’s is 5’6 and 163 lbs. She had a breast augmentation and a mastopexy. She had 270cc saline implants placed partly under the muscle. She is shown 1 ½ years post op.

Patient Case #4444

This 32 year old women lost breast shape and fullness after childbirth. She is 5’5’’ and 135lbs. She wore a C/D cup before surgery. She has 350cc smooth silicone implant on the right and 425cc smooth silicon implant on the left. She is shown 1 year after surgery and wears a DD.

Patient Case #4439

This 33 year old women was 5’4’’ and 125lbs after having 2 children. She wore a 32 or 34 A/B cup pre op. She had smooth, silicone breast implants placed partly under the muscle and a peri areolar mastopexy with liposuction of the chest wall. A 350 cc implant was placed on the right side and a 250cc was placed on the left side. She also had a pectus excavatum and chest wall asymmetry. She is shown one year post op. She wears a Victoria Secret 32D bra. Her breasts are soft and the symmetry is improved.

Patient Case #3512

This woman is in her 40’s. She is 5’9” and 140 lbs. After four children she wore a 36 A cup. She had breast augmentation and a mastopexy. She had 375cc, round, smooth, silicone implants placed partly subpectoral. She is shown one year later. She is now wearing a C/D cup.

Patient Case #3649

This woman in her 30’s had several children. She lost fullness in her breasts and wore a Victoria Secret 32 D preop. She had smooth, high profile, round, silicone gel implants placed partly under the muscle with a skin lift. The implants are 205 cc each side. She is still wearing a D cup in the 3 month post op photos.

Patient Case #2562

This 44 year old woman is 5’7 and wore a 34C bra pre-op. She lost fullness after child birth and underwent a breast augmentation and a mastopexy. She is a now D cup with uplifted, full breasts. Although her scars are visible at 3 months post-op, they will fade with time.

Patient Case #2576

This woman is in her 30′s and has had several children. She developed involution and drooping of the breasts. She had 420 cc round saline implants placed partly under the muscle with a “lollipop” lift. She went from a 38B to a 38D. Her 3 month post op pictures are shown. Ths scars are expected to fade further. Her shape is much fuller and better proportioned.

Patient Case #2583

This woman in her 30′s was 5’5 and 175 lbs. She had several children and was displeased with the changes in her breasts and torso over the years. She under went a “Mommie Makeover” with a breast Augmentation and lift, tummy tuck and thigh liposuction. She is shown 8 months after additional liposuction of the abdomen and thighs with a scar revision. She has lost 19 lbs with diet and exercise. She is pleased with the rejuvenation of her body and breasts.

Patient Case #2590

This woman is 32 years old and has several children. She lost tone and fullness in her breasts after the pregnancies. She is 5’4 and 145 lbs. She wore a 36 B/C cup preop. She had breast implants and a breast lift performed. The left implant is 410cc and the right is 300cc. She is now a D cup. Her scars are visible at 3 months post op, but they should fade more.

Patient Case #2597

This woman is in her 30’s. She is 5’5” and 150 lbs. She has had two children and lost tone and fullness in her breasts. She wore a 34B bra before surgery. She had a breast augmentation with a lift. The breast implants were 400 cc, partly under the muscle. Her post op photos are shown one year later, and she wears a 34D bra now.

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