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Men and women of all ages can benefit from laser resurfacing or the nonablative erbium laser. Laser resurfacing can enhance your appearance but it won’t completely remove all facial wrinkles or prevent you from aging.


Laser resurfacing is done with a carbon dioxide laser by using a beam of laser energy which vaporizes the upper layers. The laser is used to remove areas on the face of damaged or wrinkled skin layer by layer. The procedure is done to minimize the appearance of fine lines especially around the mouth and eyes. Laser resurfacing is also effective in treating facial scars and acne scars or uneven pigmentation. Laser resurfacing may be performed on the whole face or in specific regions.


Minimized fine lines, scars or uneven pigmentation.

Patient Case #2846

 This 59 year old woman was displeased with the folds and wrinkles around her mouth. Part of this is due to fat atrophy, and she underwent CO2 laser resurfacing and fat transplantation around her chin, mouth and lower face. Her after pictures are 5 months later. Her improvement is dramatic. Her friends think she looks rested and refreshed, not post-surgical.

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