Breast Lift Bismarck


Breasts can lose tone, sag and deflate with age or pregnancy. If the overall size is satisfactory, some women opt for a breast lift.


The stretched skin is removed and the breast tissue is rotated upward and inward to reapproximate a more youthful contour. No implant is used.


Scars are present but fade with time most women are satisfied and feel the better shape justifies the scars.

Patient Case #3368

This 35 year old women developed abdominal and breast sagging after having several children. She is 5’2’’ and 156 lbs. She had a breast lift and a tummy tuck with flank liposuction. She is shown 4 months post op.

Patient Case #3365

This 32 year old woman had several children, and she lost tone in her breast over the years. She wanted her breast lifted and reduced slightly. She is 5’ 4” and 155 lbs. She wore a Victoria Secret 36DD preop. She is shown after a breast lift-reduction. 150 grams were removed from each breast. She is now wearing a Victoria Secret D cup.

Patient Case #3681

This 32 year old woman wore a 34 C/D cup, but her breasts were sagging. She is 5’8” and 140 lbs. She had a breast lift and liposuction of her pre axillae. Her photos are shown one year later. She did not lose nipple sensation, and she wears a D cup.

Patient Case #2604

 This woman is in her 50′s is 5’10 and weighs about 200lbs. After losing 25lbs and multiple childbirths, she had some drooping and involution of her breasts. She had a mastopexy. Her photos are at three months AFTER surgery.

Patient Case #2611

 This woman is in her 40′s. She is 5’4″ and 120 pounds. She wore a 34DD bra. She had a small breast reduction with a lift. She now wears a D cup, but has better symmetry and much more youthful breasts. Her AFTER photos are 4 months later. Her scars should fade with time.

Patient Case #2618

 This 43-year-old woman has gone through childbirth and breast feeding. She had loss of tone and deflation of her breasts. She wore a 36C cup. She had a mastopexy. Her “After” pictures are 3 months after surgery.

Patient Case #2625

 This woman is in her 40′s. She is 5’2 and 135 lbs. She wore a 34DDD bra but did not want a breast reduction. She wanted her breasts lifted. She had a mastopexy with no implant. She now wears a DD cup and is happy with her lifted, full breasts. Her scars would be considered excellent and are barely visible in the after photos which are 1 1/2 year post op.

Patient Case #2632

 This 33 year old woman had back and neck problems partly due to her 38DD breasts. She had a mastopexy with a small reduction and is now a C cup. She is 5’3 and about 200 lbs. She has had improvement in her pain. The breast tissue removed was about 500 grams on each side. Her photos are shown at 3 months post op.

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