Cellfina Bismarck

Ladies this really works!!! I have purchased every cream possible for cellulite, also devices to smooth legs and buttocks and never seen a difference. I also had skin tightening txs and it worked a little but came back fast. I had this done in May 2016 and cannot believe the difference it is worth it!! So happy Dr. Honeycutt brought this to ND so I didnt have to go to Minneapolis which is the closes place that did this procedure. And this last for years . If your going on a beach trip this winter I would do it you will see a difference in several weeks but after 3 months you will notice a big change. Thank you Dr. Honeycutt I feel much better about my legs and buttocks!!

Patient Case #4337

This 56 year old women is 5’3’’ and 134lbs. She did not like the cellulite on her thighs and buttocks. She had treatment with Cellfina under local anesthesia. She is very pleased with her results, which have softened the appearance of the cellulite. She is not squeezing her buttock cheeks together in the before views. Her photos are shown 3 months post procedure. Cellfina treats cellulite dimples but not wavy cellulite, which is tissue laxity.

Patient Case #4343

This 44 year old women is 5’6’’ and 130lbs. She is very fit, exercises regularly, and has had two children. Despite good weight management, she developed cellulite on her buttocks. She underwent treatment with Cellfina under local anesthesia. Her after results are shown 3 months later.

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Here at ASAC we have a bra donation box that you can drop of your old bras. Your old bras are then donated to Bucks to use for this event. Please have your bras to us by September 29!

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